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  • A little lovely company

    A Little Lovely Company, founded by Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley in 2014, created a dream universe for all the little ones : nightstands in the shape of stars, clouds, garlands... this dutch brand has everything you need to make baby's room adorable, with pastel tone colors.

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  • Alma

    Discover the Austrian brand Alma and their care product lines for babies, children and (future) mothers. All their products are natural and from controlled organic farming. 

  • Alwero

    The Polish brand Alwero was created in 1999. Since then, it has continued to offer a range of accessories, entirely made of wool, often with a soft fleece look that is unrivalled in its softness. Designed for children and adults alike, it is difficult to resist the brand's mittens or slippers. 

  • Andrea Maasen

    Andrea Maasen is a german creator. She left to study in the Netherlands a few years ago, and she decided to settle down there. Passionate about creative arts since forever, she creates today adorable illustrations and incredible handmade toys like these magnificent stamps.

  • Aykasa

    Aykasa is a Danish brand that offers practical and aesthetic plastic crates. These small cans with their soft and varied colours will be perfect to keep your house in order.

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  • Bambolina

    Bambolina is a very young Polish brand. She makes little alpaca hat. A huge crush at Yellow Flamingo, for these 2.0 hat. Bambolina uses alpaca and silk for her hat, beautiful materials, in natural colors.

  • Bandit Kids

    Bandit Kids is an Australian brand offering collections of children's clothing with an important creative spirit, and to stimulate children who love to play, disguise, who have imagination and an endless energy.
    Bandit Kids takes care of every single detail, working on his silkscreen prints by hand, taking care of his label. For all the little bandits.

  • Bibs

    Bibs is a danish brand that offers adorable pacifiers made of natural rubber. These pacifiers are technically adapted to babies and to their delicate skin.

  • Bim Bla

    Bim Bla offers products for children but also for parents who care about design. They design pieces that are comfortable to touch and pleasant to look at, in harmony with the tastes of young and old alike.

  • Binibamba

    Emma Grant, founder of Binibamba, makes sheep skins using a centuries-old manufacturing process. The skins are 100% natural, without colouring, and no animal has been killed for its fur. Sheepskins have been used for babies for a very long time. Indeed, thanks to their thermoregulatory properties, they allow you to regulate the temperature of your children. They are also very much used by parents, placed on a rattan chair or on the floor: cocooning effect assured. 

  • Blafre

    Blafre is an eco-friendly Norwegian brand. The design of the products is practical and well thought out for children. We like the clean and colourful look of the brand's bottles.

  • Bonbon

    The Dutch brand BONBON Baby + Kids is characterised by its timeless character. Hair accessories are handcrafted with love and care from beautiful quality materials inspired by nature.
    Discover their hair clips and baby slippers imagined in pretty colours.

  • Bonet et Bonet

    Bonet et Bonet is a Danish brand, which draws its inspiration from nature.
    Beautiful prints and beautiful materials (certified by GOTS) give a touch of softness and poetry to your children's universe.

  • Bonjour Little

    Hello Little arrives at Yellow Flamingo. This young French brand offers cool baby clothes made of organic cotton. The great idea of Marie, the creator of Bonjour Little, is to offer clothes with a double use: day, night inspired by the efforless Calfornian style.

  • BORN Copenhagen

    Born Copenhagen is a Danish brand created in 2016 by Maiken Vogensen. Professional designer , this woman is inspired by durable and solid materials to create products of impeccable quality, certified GOTS.

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  • Caminito

    Caminito is a Spanish brand with more than 60 years of experience that offers models of leather shoes for children. Their style is classic and timeless. The leathers are of good quality and stylish colors.

  • Chloé Fleury

    Chloe Fleury is a french illustrator and prop stylist based in San Francisco, California.

    She likes to transform flat sheets of paper into three-dimensional objects, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. 
    She incorporates her paper skills into a range of advertising, editorial and window display work.

  • Cinq Mai

    Caroline BRIEL, creator and founder of the brand CINQ MAI is a free-lance photographer of moments of life that become great moments in our memories. In 2012, she fufills one of her dreams as a child : a crazy lover of stationery and vintage postcards, she launches her brand CINQ MAI with her images and her graphic creations. Since then CINQMAI continues to enchant our daily life, illuminate our houses and make us want to offer cards to our loved ones ...

  • Claude & Co

    Claude & Co is a brand designed and developed in the United Kingdom, and produced in a beautiful factory in Portugal with fabrics of the highest quality and the best attention to detail. The garments are unisex and are worn from birth.

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  • Dappermaentje

    We love the Dappermaentje teat ties made of cuddly, moon-shaped material. To comfort your child in the evening at bedtime, for travelling, this teddy is ideal. By attaching the pacifier to it, you are sure not to lose it again.

  • Daughter

    Daughter is an Australian brand that offers classic and timeless pieces for girls all around the world. Vichy, flounces, gathers, natural colors, enough to please many of you!

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  • Delphine Plisson

    Discover the craftsmanship of Delphine Plisson. Based in the south of France, she imagines parts in her workshop, which she makes by hand. In the shape of a moon or swallow, these are full of poetry and will perfectly match the decoration of the children's room.

  • Design Letters

    Design letters is a Danish company, which in a few years has enjoyed great international success. Their products highlight the typography of the architect Arne Jacobsen.
    A collection of elegant and functional interior decoration.

  • Diapers and Milk

    Diapers and Milk is a brand of basic leggings for children, created by Leia Sfez in 2013. The brand does not respect the codes of seasons and embellishes its collection with new elements throughout the year - all in harmony with the founder's personal style. Adjustment and quality of the parts are its highest priority. As a result, each piece is made of organic cotton and silk-screen printed with non-toxic inks.

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  • Edition Parfum d'encre

    Parution "parfum d'encre" offer superb albums such as the birth album, the book of your childhood. This vintage looking album contains beautiful illustrations to remember every precious first moment in your child's life.

  • Eef Lillemor

    Eef Lillemor is a brand from the Netherlands whose founder, Eva Brunner, creates illustrations with a lot of love and sweetness. Beyond decoration and stationery, these are creations of an uncommon originality that she proposes to you in order to create universes full of tenderness. Her posters will adorn the walls of your children's kingdoms and her gift papers will give your packages even more magic.